Ghetesaz Tehran.
Press unit 1800 tons and Press unit 4400 tons
Press Department

Press Department

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Press unit 4400 tons

Exter press weighing 4400 tons, the company has a double puller machine and fully automatic table with a length of 36 meters, has the ability to produce various sections of industrial and specialized aluminum profiles.

The 9-meter eugenic furnace of this unit has provided the best hardness for the products, which has increased the competitiveness of this company with other partners.

This unit has the ability to produce a variety of furniture from 7 to 14 in diameter.

Press unit 1800 tons

This unit has a power output of 18 meters and an awning of 9 meters.

In this unit, all kinds of aluminum profiles with the lowest thickness and the highest quality and hardness are produced.