Ghetesaz Tehran.
Casting Department

Casting Department

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This unit is equipped with 2 aluminum melting furnaces with a capacity of 30 tons and an external vertical casting (dc) machine.

This set has the ability to produce a variety of aluminum billets from 2.5 inches to 14 inches thick.

Tickets produced in this unit are produced up to a length of 8 meters and are cut according to the customer’s request for tilid.

In this unit, all kinds of aluminum alloys are produced in the highest quality and after the approval of the laboratory unit and testing by the quantometer device, the mold making unit and nitrate are provided to the customer.

Shahbar Aluminum Complex of Arak has a lathe and milling machine and mold making units based in Iran.

The imported nitrate machine of this company has the nitration capacity of 600 kg of mold in each oven